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Never order the Surf 'n' Turf. You want steak, or you want lobster. Order both — the priciest combo on the menu — and you're admitting you're a greedy jerk.

Vonage has gone and shopped itself around in the middle of its IPO process. Two months after filing to go public, rumors are flying that the VoIP provider, still in the red, is looking to get bought.

The real problem with Surf 'n' Turf is finishing it off. You don't want that smug waiter asking, "Shall I get you a doggie bag?" What could leave Vonage stuffed and red-faced, failing to pull off either the IPO or the buyout? Well, every layer of the VoIP game is getting crowded as a phone booth, the telecoms are fighting back with extra charges, and India's already dealing with pirate VoIP providers.

But hey, I'm sure they'll get by on their stellar customer service reputation.

V is for Vonage...T is for Takeover [CNN Money]