'Basic Instinct 2' Bad Review Round-Up

In honor of Sharon Stone's courageous contribution to the pantheon of ridiculously bad movies gay men will quote frequently, we offer a round-up of today's scathing Basic Instinct 2 reviews :

· "It should come as no surprise that "Basic Instinct 2," the long-gestating follow-up to Paul Verhoeven's 1992 blip on the zeitgeist screen, is a disaster of the highest or perhaps lowest order. " [NY Times]
· "At this point, there are inflatable toys that are livelier than Stone, but how can you tell the difference? "Basic Instinct 2" is not an erotic thriller. It's taxidermy." [NY Post]
· "What we may very well be looking at here is another "Showgirls," a drag camp-fest for the "Baby Jane" crowd, fabulous fodder for future cabaret acts, and a pleasure probably best enjoyed in a crowd — preferably a vocal one." [LAT]
· "The plot has no credibility. The goings-on are not suspenseful, despite a series of gory slayings." [USA Today]
· "Absurdly overheated and unforgivably dull, "Basic Instinct 2" is the accidental comedy sensation of the year to date, and while some of the people involved seem to be in on the joke, director Michael Caton-Jones isn't one of them." [Boston Globe]
· "It doesn't help that co-star Morrissey — who serves as the audience point of view and has most of the screen time — is a charisma-challenged non-entity. Clearly, the producers could not induce a male star of any stature to take on the thankless role." [Seattle PI]
· "Where is the suspense part? There is no suspense part. Suspense demands clarity of motive and action, and this screenplay never provides it." [Washington Post]