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¬ Digital Rights Management Symposium: Fight the power! Or kill those commies! Well, with an Electronic Frontier Foundation member on the panel, this 2:30 PM symposium in SF's UC Hastings law school will be a touch progressive.

¬ National Idea-to-Product Competition: College teams face off for a $15,000 prize at the SJSU College of Business. Sounds pretty sober; I recommend a follow-up drink at San Francisco's St. Stupid's Day Parade After-Afterparty.

¬ SV Bloggers First Tuesday: It's not the boss's old think-tank, it's a twice-monthly meetup of Silicon Valley bloggers. (I hear there are a few of them around.)


¬ John Perry Barlow: Is Cyberspace Still Anti-sovereign?: Was it ever? Berkeley School of Information, 4 PM.
¬ Stirr mixer: Speakers include Sean Savage, coiner of the term "flash mob." He'll be presenting his company, PlaceSite. Also represented: Meetro, Prosper, Inkling Markets, and Ookles.

¬ The Evolution and Future of Micropayments: Execs from Visa, PayPal, and Bitpass (the little payment site that could) explain where micropayments are going (other than "to webcomic artists").


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