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It's hard to believe that the current 8th season of Will & Grace will be its last, a mere five seasons after it first started running out of clever double-entendres for ass-fucking and, by extension, quickly began to overstay its welcome. Sure, they managed to grab our attention from time to time, usually by dangling gimmicks and guest stars in front of us like a shiny set of rainbow-colored keys, but at the end of the day, it was really impossible to escape the Eric McCormack-ness of it all. Blogger Mr. Nightlife attended a taping of the first part of the two-part season finale, and was more than eager to ruin the surprise for everyone. Here's an exerpt (and gigantic, series-ender spoiler alert):

Karen walks in looking as gorgeous and young as ever. She's now off the booze and head-over-heels in love with a rather scary looking Rosario who's now become a full-fledged leather jacket wearing, beer chugging, bull dyke! Extremely funny lesbian jokes ensue. Then an extremely tan, George Hamilton looking, Jack enters wearing a bridal veil and proudly announces that he's finally gotten married! Thanks to then President Chelsea Clinton who just signed the gay marriage bill into law!

For those W&G fans getting misty eyed at the thought of this being the last time they'll ever glimpse a cross-dressing Sean Hayes setting back the gay movement several decades, fret not: We don't expect that NBC executives have learned anything about letting go of their characters once their shows come to a natural end, so expect that Jack, the spinoff-crossover hybrid about Jack's move to Los Angeles to save now-destitute onetime sitcom star Joey Tribbiani from a life of turning tranny tricks on Santa Monica Blvd.