'Times' Redesigns and Adds Exciting New Features, Eventually

The New York Times debuts an exciting major redesign of its website this morning. The fonts are different! It's wider! There are new navigation options! And perhaps most interestingly, there's a new feature for personalized home pages, called MyTimes. Explains NYTimes.com EIC Len Apcar:

[W]e are very excited about a personalized page called MyTimes that will let you organize your favorite Web sources of information — from NYTimes.com and elsewhere — and view them at a glance. Personalized pages aren't new on the Web but ones offering the guidance of Times editors, reporters and critics are. More than two dozen Times journalists are offering their picks of sites that should engage you, whether you're interested in baseball or climate change, politics or recipes.

Naturally, this feature isn't actually available yet. But, you know, soon.

(Meantime, though, we have to say that we're sort of liking the navigation stuff.)


A Letter to Our Readers [NYT]