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On Friday, via an email sent from his publicist Stan Rosenfield, Oscar-winning ER doctor George Clooney commanded the masses to sabotage Gawker Stalker by sending us fake submissions. And oh, how they've responded to Clooney's battle cry — our inbox was indeed flooded with hundreds of sightings, almost all of which were of George Clooney. We're sure that's exactly what he meant.

Just saw George Clooney at the Peninsula. He had a mustard stain on his jacket, was kissing a Mexican woman and eating a watermelon.

George Clooney has been sighted in Portland, Oregon! He was walking downtown by the Schnitzer Concert Hall and was wearing jeans with a hole in the knee (guess business isn't too good!) and a long-sleeved grey/blue shirt.

i saw George in Philadelphia at Le Bec Fin', a high end restaraunt in the heart of the city. He was very brief in his entrance and I believe he snuck out the back b/c i NEVER SAW HIM LEAVE THROUGH THE FRONT!

I saw george clooney outside the offices just a minute ago.

Actually, that last one might be true. After the jump, a taste of the weekend email Clooneython, which has utterly destroyed our ability to grasp reality.

OMG...just saw George motor past me on Cumberland Island, GA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had a beer with George Clooney at the Ranger game in Arlington,Tx. He's quite a nice guy, very polite and good manners.

George Clooney is here in my house as I write this. He is having Jose the gardener build a bonfire to burn any and all books that I own that do not have his name or picture in it.

saw george in the bijenkorf in Amsterdam

Saw George Clooney eating a hotdog with extra mustard in times square. He was wearing an "I love Matt Damon T-shirt"

I saw George Clooney at a gay bar in Reno kissing another guy [the guy had a beard and blacked-rim glasses]. What's up with that? How come the media has not reported on his "gayness"?

Saw George coming out of the McSorley's in the East Village @ 11:45.

george clooney sighted eating catfish in keyesport il

I just saw George Clooney in Corpus Christi, Texas at the Bayfront.

I saw him in my toilet bowl after I stood up. Sorry, I did'nt get a photo of him as I accidentally flushed the piece of shit down the toilet before I got my camera.

george clooney's with me and helping to reset all of my clocks to daylight savings time!

I spotted George whilst i took pll to airport I live in the Netherlands. I saw him arriving at Schiphol airport. The left in a cab. could not find out anything else..

saw George Clooney in Harlem flashing some gang signs.

Saw George Clooney by 3rd and Vine about 5 min ago. Good luck go get him!!

Clooney is in Vegas now. 7:54 PM. Just saw him at the Mandalay Bay. With some blonde chick.

I saw George Clooney walking thru Washington Square Park. I wave hi and said i liked his work and he just sort of nodded his head and grunted.

saw him in my bathroom flushing himself down the toilet

george clooney at the beverly hills hotel

George Clooney was seen dining at Tribeca with Nicole Kidman. Maybe he's buying her condo?

I saw George Clooney at Bungalow 8 last night.

George was at south beach last night with several others that I did not recognise.

George Clooney was seen on the slopes of Park City ski resort. In park city Utah.

I think he's in my backyard.

Just spotted him at The Landings in Jacksonville, FL

This just in, just sighted George Clooney on Uranus.

Just spotted George on the observation deck at the Sears Tower in Chicago. He's with Adam West (of all people)!

Hey I saw Clooney on the moon..

I just saw George Clooney on a "ER" repeat on TNT. Honest.

as i was riding a ferry from anacortes to friday harbor, i met with george...he was very nice and very handsome....was thinking about buying some property and growing tulips...

Total crap. George and I are old buddies and he is in fact, staying at my home near Annapolis, Maryland on Chesapeake Bay. Where do you guys come up with this stuff? I would reveal his exact whereabouts but that would be a violation of our friendship and his privacy. Sorry guys.....

George Clooney - Bloomfield Hills, MI at the Fox & Hounds!!!!

Just spotted George Clooney in the Hilton Harbor Resort in Charleston, SC. He was entering the hotel with food from Burger King with a group of his posse. I figure with all that money, he could get better food than BK. Just goes to show that being famous doesn't mean that you're a snob.

Saw him in Wilson NC today.

I just saw george clooney coming out of my bathroom? What could he have been doing in there.

George Clooney who supposedly wasn't even in NYC recently WAS IN FACT in Veselka of all places (why the hell is is he 'slumming it' with us after-hours people anyway??? go back to Hollywood!!). This is NOT 4 star, it's good, fairly cheap Ukranian food for those who have partied a wee too much, too late, or too damn early. And there's Gorgeous George, slurping away on coffee and complaining about his napkin (hello? it's a COFFEE SHOP, not Le Cirque or whatever, live with the paper napkin!!). Who the hell knows what he is doing there at 10pm on a Sat, but I guess he didn't manage to get tickets to the final four or something. Ha ha, like the rest of us - but then again, I am not worth 300 million dollars and I actually LIKE Veselka's coffee. Shut the hell up, George - and what the hell are you doing here anyway???

Mr. Clooney was at the Euphoria in Bloomfield, NJ on Friday night with a singer named Chris Conklin. They stayed until about 1 a.m.

I spotted George Clooney in Istanbul, Turkey yesterday.

He is standing outside of the Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum this morning waiting to attend the King Tut exhibit.

I saw George Clooney today (10am) at the Grand Wailea on Maui today as I delivered a rental car to the resort.

i saw george clooney sucking on matt damon's banana while he played hard to get on a new fantasy tv sitcom... it's suppose to be the new version of basic instinct... only with male homophobes getting all in a wad when being aroused by fellow homosexuals...

Saw Clooney in West Palm Beach on Worth Avenue

Hey, I saw George Clooney in downtown Tallahassee, FL yesterday! On the Capitol steps.

this just in - he's dining at orso with matt damon, don cheadle and two other people.

I was walking into one of my favorite restaurants with my favorite group of blonde hair slender ice cream loving friends and as I swung my curly vivacious locks over my hunched right shoulder I spied the one and only just seen him in Good Night and Good Luck George Clooney!!!! He, I believe, was staring gazingly into the eyes of Nicole Kidman!!! While even more shocking, Richie Smabora staring jealously into the eyes of GEORGE!! I can't be sure, but I believe that the cute little blonde girl that they had with them was their love child.... Dakota Fanning! Address 112 NW Main, Hopedale, IL.

Saw George Clooney in the Village of Stowe, Vermont Friday night (3/31/06) entering the WHIP restaurant at about 9 PM. Possibly here for the weekend to catch the end of the skiing season?

George Clooney was just seen leaving a porn shop on 42nd Street in NYC

George Clooney is in Balt. MD. I saw him at the inner Harbor.

Just spotted George in Blackstone, Virginia

Mr. Clooney was actually in Spokane this morning. He was with a middle aged woman with dark hair, but I didn't recognize who she could be. He was leaving Rocket Bakery in downtown Spokane. (Although I couldn't see what he had in his bag...) I was able to find out he is training with a boxer here for a movie role.

Saw him with two other guys at Pieces Bar on Christopher St in Manhatten about 11:00PM today.

Just saw Clooney in Breckenridge, CO. He was on the lifts enjoying the late ski season!

What's he doing in Australia ? Spotted George at Cafe' 31 Bondi Beach with a blonde companion drinking a VB beer, looking tired.

Britney and Kevin were in Dallas last week with George Clooney.

I saw clooney at the St. Louis arch on 04/01/2006. He was waiting in line to go to the top.

Dec. 24th, 2010, Saw George Clooney at the 6th Street soup kitchen looking confused. No one recognized him. Evidently the sad bomb of his last movie, Oceans 27, has him in dire straits. It looks as if he's realized that the same public that made him a celebrity finally got tired of his smug self importance and childish tirades and has once again made him a nobody by refusing to go to his movies and electing candidates he has campaigned against. He looks as if he longs to be Gawkerstalked once again.

Spied George at Pink's Hot Dogs in Los Angeles (corner of Melrose and La Brea) looking cozy with a beautiful brunette. Looks like they had a couple chili cheese hot dogs and sodas. No fries were reported harmed or consumed in any way.

Saw George Clooney and a woman with red hair this AM outside Starbucks Coffee Company 1205 Hudson Street Hoboken, NJ. Looked like he was having a Grande Soy Mocha, not sure. They left and walked toward the PATH station holding hands.

i just saw george clooney at pump on 55th street. he was with two other people sitting in a back corner booth. he was dressed real casual, seemed friendly.

george clooney seen stalking the glittering streets of Rockville, MD

A friend saw George Clooney this am in the Anchorage, Alaska airport. She told me he was waiting at the gate for a flight to Japan.

Just spotted him at Barney's Beanery, Santa Monica

Portage and Main. He was wearing a nice velvet red jacket and pimping hat.

I saw him earlier today on City Island, NY

I saw George Clooney walking in my neighbourhood, here in Current River, Thunder Bay Canada. Honest.... Really.......

George Clooney, geting off his high-horse @ Hollywood & Vine.

This morning he was with a local outfitter in Parachute, Colorado. He must be staying on one of the ranch properties.

There he was, entering Juicy Lucy's restaurant in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. If only my cell had picture capability. He should be eating there for the next hour or so. Maybe someone else will catch him. Good Luck.

just saw george. he had Sunday lunch with my husband and i. as a matter of fact, he's sitting right here with me as i submit this sighting. he says hi.

Hello, I need an invite. I know everything about the Clooney's I live in OHIO

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