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In this new era of George Clooney-sponsored celebrity sighting sabotage, today's PrivacyWatch Special Edition must carry an extra disclaimer: Not only is this pair of sightings not fact-checked, they could have originated from the mischeivous Clooney himself, or an ambitious publicist trying to take down the entire fucking system:

· Saw Lorenzo Lamas yesterday (4/2) at Swingers on Beverly at 11:30am. Then I saw Shaun White at the same Swingers at 12:30pm. Shaun was with friends in a booth near the door.

· My buddy and I were breakfasting at Swingers on Beverly and I said, "Isn't that Lorenzo Lamas sitting with that collagen-enhanced woman over there?" Sure enough, he walked right by us a few minutes later and straight into the ladies room — he didn't even try the men's room first. 10 seconds later, a waitress followed Renegade into the ladies room and emerged 30 seconds later with a big smile on her face. Lorenzo then exited the ladies room about 30 seconds after that looking like the playah that he is, kissing Collagina on the cheek as he sat down.

In fact, we kind of hope that Lamas' "people" are behind them (even though we expect they aren't—can he still afford "people"?), because there could be nothing more hilarious than a publicist trying to convince us that the former Renegade is still famous enough to pull some waitress tail whenever he so desires.