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Did someone's stake in Technorati just vest? After two years at the blog search company, Richard Ault is splitting to do product development at Metroblogging.

Ault, Technorati's director of product marketing, follows T'rati ex-engineer (and Metroblogging co-founder) Jason Defillippo, T'rati ex-designer Derek Powazek, and T'rati ex-community manager Niall Kennedy. He, as most of the others, is all smiles and business on his blog:

After an amazing two years of working on Technorati, I've decided to move on. Technorati has shone a bright light on just how powerful social media has become in the greater context of the web and our every day lives. And for my contribution I am extremely proud. I hope you will join me in wishing them all the success in the world.

Or, "Yyyyyeah, I'm gonna go somewhere more fun. So long and thanks for all the vested equity!"

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