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We encourage you to avoid making any loud noises, sudden movements, and saying things like "Man, this heroin feels so great" around recovering addict Brad Renfro. The down-and-out actor has just gone through what had to be one of the tougher chapters of his 23-year-old existence: He's submitted himself to nine days of court-ordered detox after his drug arrest and ten days in the big house for a separate DUI charge. And despite lawyer Richard Kaplan's constant intonations of Renfro wanting to "get back to work," the actor appears to be doing the right thing by putting his career aside and taking up immediate residence in a live-in rehab facility. spoke with the actor about his recent struggles:

"A lot of the things they say are true," Renfro told of his prison stint. "It's a madhouse."

Renfro, who starred in "Ghost World," "Apt Pupil" and "The Client," said he felt lucky to have a mat to sleep on, as many prisoners bedded down on the cold, hard floor.

"I'm just looking at all of this as an opportunity to change my life," Renfro said. [...]

"It's helped me greatly. It's definitely been an eye-opener," Renfro said. "I'm tired of paying the consequences. I'm going to stay clean and, in turn, it will help me spiritually and with work."

Any future acting roles, he says, have been put on hold.

"It's better that way," Renfro said. "I feel blessed that I'm going through this now, rather than later. I'm still a kid. I'm 23.

When asked if he planned to stay sober and off heroin, Renfro paused before responding: "Today I am."

We hate to trot out the old addiction cliches, but it appears Renfro has indeed hit the craggy rock bottom of addiction's floor, and we wish him the best as he flutter-kicks his way back to the surface and takes his first liberating breaths of sobriety. We can only hope he doesn't make any exploratory side trips along the way into the tempting coral reefs of crack or back to the beckoning deep sea smack caverns.