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Late Monday afternoon, news hit that Die Hard director (or Last Action Hero director, if you insist on being cruel) John McTiernan has been charged with lying to investigators about his relationship to Hollywood Wiretapping Hall of Fame first-ballot inductee Anthony Pellicano, whom McTiernan had allegedly hired both in connection with his divorce from ex-wife Donna Dubrow and to do a little eavesdropping on Rollerball producer Charles Roven. Today's LAT starts to piece together the illicit McTiernan-Pellicano love affair, including this delightful piece of process-serving color:

The contact [with someone involved in a previous case] by Pellicano came in the midst of a nasty divorce, which began when McTiernan allegedly served Dubrow with divorce papers disguised as a gift-wrapped package he had delivered to her.

Perhaps this "Surprise! We're getting divorced!" delivery isn't quite as inventive as the "unsolicited manuscript tossed into an open car window" trick employed in another Pellicano-related matter, it's still not bad. Our fingers are crossed that at some point in the coming weeks, someone's going to hire Rollerball star Chris Klein (he's available and his quote is surprisingly afforable, call William Morris for details) to blade up to a high-powered witness at The Ivy's patio and serve a summons.