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Wired News runs a trend story (journalism rule #42: three weak stories make a trend story) on antisocial networking. The tipping point: Full-blown parody site Snubster. It's the Hot New Joke (and by "new" I mean "dated as 'I'm Rick James, bitch'") that's turning into a healthy little community. It's not the first joke-cum-business.

Jokes that became businesses
¬ Dogster: On the Internet, no one knows you're a person.
¬ Consumating: Let's drop the games and get laid, k?
¬ Fucked Company: Undertaker of the business world.
¬ Hot or Not: Discount on dating profiles if you rate a 2.

Vice versa
¬ Friendster: Needs more "Tom."
¬ Netscape: It didn't need to outrun the bear, just outrun Internet Explorer.
¬ Facebook: What does it take to go from The New Black to a laughingstock? A $2 billion rumor.

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