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If you have been racking your brain as to how to add your name to serial matrimonialist Chad Michael Murray's ever-growing engagement calendar, your prayers may have just been answered: Sunkist soda's exciting "Ultimate Orange Beach Party" will fly one lucky winner and 15 friends to Miami to meet the cast of One Tree Hill. (There's nothing guaranteeing Murray will be in attendance, but c'mon, when has the guy turned down an evening of wife shopping?) Of course, anyone can enter, though it doesn't hurt if you and your 15 friends all happen to be ovulating females, 16-19, and acutely susceptible to lines like, "You're the one, baby. Love like this doesn't come around every season."


Grand Prize

The Grand Prize winner, and 15 of his/her friends, will receive a two day/one night trip to The Delano Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. Winner and guests will get to party with members of the cast at the Ultimate Orange Beach Party and enjoy a performance by Tyler Hilton.

The Grand Prize trip includes round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation fo rthe winner and 15 of their friends.

Of course, there's a good chance Murray ex-/One Tree love interest Sophia Bush will be milling about, not to mention future ex-fiancée/atmosphere-enhancing cheerleader bit player extraordinaire Kenzie Dalton. Don't be surprised if events at The Delano don't quickly turn ugly, effectively reclassifying the "Ultimate Orange Beach Party" as the "Ultimate Chad Michael Murray Castoff Catfight Cabana Smackdown."