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¬ The Software 2006 Conference got all Web 2.0, with VC Ray Lane telling companies to go viral. An attendee puts it like this:

Ray Lane used the word "wiki-ed" on a slide.

He was talking about how these execs need to get web 2.0. Everyone was talking web 2.0, including enterprise web 2.0, and ajax, and open source SAP...Painful. We left after three hours. Couldn't take it.

Oh, and "Wiki-ed," for the record, doesn't mean that you get data on a wiki. It means that execs need to get "wiki-ed" or collaborative. Good things these folks aren't our future.

¬ Now Intel Macs can do dull little tasks. Intel Macs can officially run Windows, as the boys at Gizmodo noted. To proud Intel Mac owners, from those of us who are about to reboot our Compaqs, futue te ipsum.

¬ Google Base just got a little more useful with the rollout of Google Real Estate. Finally, I can buy that $17 million home in Atherton. You poor people may continue using Craigslist.