Hundred-Foot Eva Longoria Terrorizes Desert

We've often found ourselves wishing that someone would finally drag Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria into the Nevada desert and secure her to the arid terrain with airline cable and stakes, but it was a decidedly less worshipful proposition than the stunt that Maxim magazine has staged to celebrate its 100th issue. They've installed a 110-foot-long version of their milestone cover outside of Las Vegas (above is a screenshot from a Google Earth link the magazine provides on their website; that little white thing at the bottom is a truck, if you need sense of terrifying scale), perhaps the largest monument to a B-list TV actress ever constructed. Expect an immediate response by castmate/famewhore rival Teri Hatcher, who has her publicist researching the feasibility of swaddling the Good Year blimp in her "I Was Molested!" Vanity Fair cover, which they would like to hire to circle the airspace above the Housewives set through their entire third season.

If you care about such things, and we know you do, some fun, press release facts about the Maxim cover follows after the jump.

EVA LONGORIA COVER BY THE NUMBERS: Size: 75' x 110' Material: Vinyl Mesh windscreen # of stakes in the ground to hold it down: 125 Crew to install: 9 # of hours of printing: 25 # of feet of airline cable to hold in place: 2400? # of hours to install: 15 hours

35 Degrees 115 Degrees
37? 12.23? N 22? 58.77? W