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Forbes' agenda-setting media reporter this week catches up with an up-and-comer named Harry Evans, and he fills us in on the breaking news that Evans is married to Tina Brown, used to edit London's Times, and currently does some work for Felix Dennis's The Week. (Who knew?) We particularly like his meet-cute account of how Evans and Brown first met:

He was at the powerful Sunday Times when he met and fell for Tina Brown. A literary-agent friend handed him some clippings, saying, "You should look at these. She's at Oxford." Evans continues, "I thought they were fantastic, so I called, asking for Tina Brown. The woman [who answered the phone] said, 'Yes, but I'm busy making my husband's lunch. I think it's my daughter you want.'"

Which may very well be true. But let's also consider this passage from Judy Bachrach's Tina and Harry Come to America:

When [20-year-old] Tina took up with Harold Matthew Evans — forty-six at the time and married, with three children — she was selecting for herself one of the most remarkable, successful, and attractive men in all of Britain, and very likely one of the most vulnerable as well.

Cute, indeed, no?

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