Geeking out: Stirr'd up in Palo Alto

Stirr's mixer last night brought startuppers, marketers, and investors (and one gossip blogger) to Palo Alto's Fanny and Alexander bar for a handful of one-minute dot-com presentations and a night of drinking, demoing, and awkward schmoozing.

Demo-ers included:
Sean Savage of cafe-driven PlaceSite
Vinnie Lauria (who — ladies — is new in town and hot as hell) of social IM service Meetro
Andrew Martinez-Fonts (thanks for the ride, Andrew) of p2p-loan site Prosper
Adam Siegel of Inkling Markets (the wisdom of the bookies)
Scott Johnson of Ookles — I wasn't listening by this point. Sorry, Ookles.

The main event was the three-hour laid-back schmooze session. Beer was $4.50, and hard liquor could be had for three bucks. This, the 6-to-9 timing, and the lack of free food meant a roomful of drunk dot-commers.


Meanwhile, on the deck out back, a club of young VCs ("Future Partners" of something or other — young bucks freshly post- or pre-business school) held a session out back — with food! — that was quickly invaded by startups hungry for kebabs and Round A funding.


Photo: The Stirrers [Philosophy Geek on Flickr]