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March 15: Paul Matteucci of US Ventures, announces his $5.5-million investment in podcast producer PodTech.

April 4: Matteucci explains the investment to an eager summit crowd.

April 5: A Forrester Research member writes:

Our survey showed that only 1% of online households in North America regularly download and listen to podcasts. And when you include all of the people who are just interested or have used podcasts, they strongly favor listening to existing content like Internet radio or broadcast radio, not necessarily new content.

April 6: An anonymous member of PodTech writes:

I don't know what planet Charlene is on these days but her report on podcast adoption is way off base. I don't know why she would come out with these low numbers...I see a bright future for podcasters and podcasting.

Not that PodTech is, you know, biased.

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