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Best comment of the week award (winner gets half the Webvan profits) goes to sarahka:

What's really funny about the Socializr offices to me (I live next door) is that they are in the building just-until-a-couple-of-months-ago occupied by Pud (who now owns AdBrite).

About 6 months ago, I was out walking my dog, and saw that there was all this AdBrite trash out front: old plaques with yellowed Wall Street Journal clippings profiling the genius who started the F*ed Company phenomenon, with little brass titles of the date of the Journal article.

If it weren't for the fact that they were likely already peed on by various dogs and homeless people, I totally would have taken them home.

After the jump, the four honorable mentions.

Makethelogobigger finds his own favorite Steve Jobs edition.

Going with a write-in candidate here: Noah Wyle as Jobs in his Tucker Carlson phase.

Kyle Bunch broke the Internet.

Sorry everybody, my fault. I accidentally tripped over a cord.

Blackjack loves Baidu's martial-arts play but knows revenge is inevitable.

Bad. Ass. But will we see a Google ad that continues this one by turning the swordsman into a pincushion like Jet Li's character in "Hero"?

dljfs wants Marissa Mayer to croak "Koyaanisqatsi."

"Larry used the scanner, and she flipped the pages of a book to the rhythm of a metronome. They managed to get through a 300-page thick book in little over 35 minutes."

Google is starting a band! Sounds sorta Phillip Glass-y. I bet the light show will be AWESOME.

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