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Cargo canned at Conde, three books axed at AMI, 200 more layoffs at Time Inc. — that couldn't be any more magland bad news over the last week or two, could there? Oh yes; yes there could. Turns out there was a mini-massacre last week — on top of long, slow bloodletting — at Giant, the indie "entertainment magazine for men." A spy who knows of what he speaks reports:

It would be grossly irresponsible for me to tell you that Bill Keith (senior editor/research) and Greg Williams (editorial director) were canned last week, and that Ash Gibson (art director) quit in protest.

This follows the firings a few months (?) ago of Lisa Elin (photo director) and Rob Hill (executive editor). Which followed the firing of Scott Cohen (executive editor), the quitting of Mark Remy (editor-in-chief), and the quitting of Mike Olson (senior editor). Oh, and the managing editor, Sara Culley, quit a few weeks ago after about one year on the job.

We're becoming increasingly impressed that anybody's left with a job in this business. Sigh.