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The New York Times goes cuckoo for oo's today. John Markoff holds a debutante ball for Webaroo while Bob Tedeschi plays catch-up with Squidoo. And the Times could oo and ah at a different startup every day at this rate:

¬ Asoboo
¬ Cluckoo
¬ Congoo
¬ Doostang
¬ Favoor
¬ Goowy
¬ Gumshoo
¬ Kaboodle
¬ Kanoodle
¬ Loopnote
¬ Mooflex
¬ Newroo
¬ Ookles
¬ Picaboo
¬ Pooxi
¬ Qoop
¬ Qooxdoo
¬ Revoo
¬ Springdoo
¬ Squidoo
¬ Webaroo
¬ Wufoo
¬ Yoono
¬ Zooomr

The oo is, by the way, the secret to Yahoo and Google's wild success.

A Laptop Comes Preloaded With the Web, Abridged [John Markoff on NYT]
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Photo: OO [ikes on Flickr]