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The New York Times (they are so loveable today!) features Orkut, Google's you're-nobody-til-somebody-loves-you social network invaded by Brazilians in 2004. Over 2 of every 3 Orkut users are registered as Brazilians, and if you trust some massaged numbers, nearly every regular Internet user in Brazil has a profile.

The original cause of this unexpected demographic is shrouded in mystery (or written somewhere that I didn't bother looking). In any case, it's just another example of the demographic splits we demand from our Net experience. So in the interest of keeping you from accidentally meeting new and different folks, here's where to find your demographic in the world of social networking.

You are:Your people are at:
blackhi5 (don't be fooled by the splash page)
headed to Burning ManTribe
desperately seeking a jobLinkedIn
eating ramen in the dorm tonightFacebook
too clever for your own goodConsumating
Paris HiltonaSmallWorld
getting stalked by GawkerIMDb

Happy in-demographic socializing!

A Web Site Born in U.S. Finds Fans in Brazil [NYT]