Remainders: Super wi-fi edition

¬ Google's free San Fran wi-fi will track your location. Oh, don't worry, they have some clause about evil, right? [NYT]
¬ Silicon Valley, meanwhile, plans its own wi-fi coverage. It'll be like San Fran's, only with fewer homeless trustafarians using it. [GovTech]
¬ Soon you'll have wi-fi on the BART. Caveat: After a few days on those seats, your laptop will smell like urine. [MuniWireless]
¬ Boy in the Bubble: The sad story of David Winer. (Oh. David Vetter? Damn.) [Wired News]
¬ Magazine calls Osama bin Laden a "Venture Capitalist." Next week: in a new bin Laden tape, the terrorist decries the "vicious, unfounded insult." [Freezerbox]
¬ The New York Times' new reason to be dull: search engine optimization. Tomorrow's top headline: "Poker Viagra Antidisestablishmentarianism (and the Pope died)" [NYT]