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Stefan Eriksson was finally arrested after his February car crash in Malibu. The ex-Gizmondo exec is suspected of grand theft auto in the latest twist to the Ferrari Enzo crash saga. I cannot decide which is the best detail so far.

First off, there's the crash itself. Valleywag's chain-smoking brother Jalopnik caught pics of the carnage — the torn-off passenger compartment, the streak of debris — left after Stefan's Ferrari ploughed into a telephone pole and split apart.

Then there's the supposed video of the crash — someone said Stefan had a camcorder on the whole time.

And there's the mysterious second passenger — or, as Stefan claimed, the driver. Stefan said a German man was driving him — but did he just need to get out of a drunk driving charge?

That's another thing — Stefan was confirmed as drunk on the scene, and his alibi — the supposed driver — wasn't on the scene at all.

Meanwhile, Stefan flashed a card that identified him as a cop — kind of. A while back, he'd installed security cameras on public buses. In return, he was made a deputy anti-terrorist police commissioner, complete with business cards.

That didn't stop two men from Homeland Security from interrogating Stefan at the crash site. But Stefan was let go —

— uninjured, according to early reports. Now CNET mentions that he was bleeding from the mouth when the cops first found him.

In any case, his arrest this weekend wasn't for drunk driving. It's a grand theft case, because Stefan doesn't own the car. He was leasing it and had recently stopped paying for it. Looks like he illegally shipped it over from the UK. Same with his wife's Benz, which was impounded in March.

Thus goes the story of the tech executive fired after his mob-connection convictions were outed in the Swedish press. He's being held without bail, and who knows if he'll end up being deported, but wherever he goes, can someone keep an eye on the boy? With one good paparazzi on his ass, Stefan (bonus notes: gun clip found near the crash site! Gizmondo maker of really stupid gaming device!) could earn himself his own Gawker Media blog.

Photo: Associated Press
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