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Defamer is committed to bringing together ambitious, morally flexible, struggling talent and the allegedly well-connected, anonymous Craigslist fetishists looking to help them along on their path to eventual stardom:

LOOKING FOR STRAIGHT WHITE HOT ACTORS - 36 I would like to offer some industry contacts and will advise you on your next career steps to advance your acting career — you come meet with me and bring your headshot and resume. All I ask in return is that you let me massage your feet. I really dig rubbing feet on VERY hot white guys 18-35 only. Please have nice feet and if they smell, it's a huge plus. NO SEX! I will offer some help towards your stalling career if you just give me your feet. SERIOUS ONLY — send pic and let's set this up. DISCRETION ASSURED — I am bi, VGL, in shape and on the DL. I just happen to like feet on guys and this is something that will motivate me to help you out. Thanks.

Although the coy poster doesn't specify his place in the industry food chain, the photo/resume solicitation, the DL secrecy, and the submissive fetish itself has us thinking he's an agent. As always, we urge caution when responding, for one never knows if one's dealing with a guy from ICM looking for a little fair trade while the wife takes the kids to soccer practice or a clever clerk from a well-trafficked Kinko's willing to exchange some quality foot-time in exchange for free headshot duplication.