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A reader follows up on this morning's news that a bad test audience response led Universal to reshoot the ending of The Break-Up to include a more Aniston-positive message:

So I read on Defamer that test audiences hated the end of the movie because Jen and Vince don't stay together...but I saw a test screening of it last night at Universal (yeah, I was recruited at AMC in Burbank), and at the panel afterwards, pretty much everyone HATED the new ending they tacked on to make it seem like they got back together...and I mean hated it.

How can the studio be expected to make art when the very audiences that clamored for Aniston's happiness suddenly decide to turn their backs on the hastily shot, cynically proferred new ending they asked for? There's just no pleasing fickle moviegoers so utterly insensitive to the emotional turbulence Jen suffered this past year.