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· Maggie Gyllenhaal keeps her publicist busy, announcing that Peter Sarsgaard has given her both an engagment ring and a good knocking-up.
· Some serious props are due Ashton Kutcher (did we really just write that?), because pretending to blow up Brett Ratner's house is the second best thing to actually blowing up Brett Ratner's house.
· We can never really get our fill of Paula Abdul's flailing limbs and slurred diction, so enjoy a collection of her drunkest-seeming moments and last night's typically addled appearance on Leno.
· George Rush of Rush & Molloy fame shares a couple of his most heartwarming bribery stories with the LA Weekly's Nikki Finke.
· Marshmallow Peeps are not only delicious, they make fine lingerie as well. [via BoingBoing]