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Cargo readers, still grappling with the demise of their beloved magalog, turn to the website's message boards to vent their heartbreak:

I am very sad. This is the funnest magazine to read. There must be some way to save it???

lets find out more about buying it or keep the website running.

Gee I wonder why they are folding? This magazine sucks ass. The writers constantly confuse substance with being tragically hip, and outside of fashion they dont know shit about anything they write about.

Good. This magazine is crap. This is yet another magazine run by fags trying to be hetero who dont know their ass from a hole in the ground outside of fashion and makeup.

i'm not too disappointed, i kind of enjoyed reading it but if you think about it, cargo magazine was kind of a weak concept. a magazine that is sort of like a catalog but not really. it's sort of like gq but not really. there is a very specific demographic of self-concious men with low self-esteem that truly enjoyed this magazine and as superficial as today's society is, very few people are so uncertain of themselves that they would enjoy this magazine fully.

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