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Frankie Muniz can now add another impressive line to his resume, right beneath "starred in Malcolm in the Middle" and "single-handedly convinced Playboy Mansion to abolish their minimum height requirement." Muniz has announced he'll be giving up acting to become a full-time race car driver:

The 20-year-old "Malcolm in the Middle" star has applied the breaks to his acting career, at least temporarily, to race for Jensen Motorsport in the Formula BMW competition. [...]

"I got signed to Jensen Motorsport for two years, so once the show is done, I'm just going to be doing that full-time," Muniz tells ABC News Radio. [...]

Muniz is best known as a comedian, but his new career could put him in line down the road for a big-budget action flick, as there have been several.

We're having a difficult time picturing the perpetually-lodged-at-the-cusp-of-puberty actor headlining his own Michael Bay-helmed explosive speedway adventure ("MUNIZ. STEEL CHASSIS. SUMMER 2010"). Then again, they don't call it "Hollywood magic" for nothing, and you wouldn't even need expensive CGI: Just a vehicle rigged with a Yellow Pages booster seat.