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Congratulations, Kevin Marks! And congratulations, tech world, you have another word you did not need (but wanted so badly). Kevin coined "WiFired," defined as "getting thrown out of an internet cafe for spending 4 hours 'working on your startup' after buying one small mocha."

WiFired was chosen as the favorite neologism in the Valleyspeak Contest. Kevin wins $240 for iTunes and a YoyoPop for the iPod (not a sponsor, they're just cool).

Second place was Exa Grubb's "Typerventilating: Rapidly sending instant messages. Having a panic attack via AIM." She wins everlasting happiness.


Not satisfied with five pages of new words? Feast your vocabs on these late entries:

Hotsquatting: "Borrowing" open wifi connections wherever they are found. [Rick Robinson]


Bee break: The act of sneaking off to the bathroom in the middle of dinner to scroll through one's BlackBerry. [Daily Candy]

Googolo: Short for "Google Gigolo," which is any guy who tries to date or is currently dating a Google girl in order to exploit the free cafeteria or to have some sort of connection to Google so that he can boast to his buddies about it. [Vivian Tan]

Beta Fish: Viciously competitive entrepreneurial software developers who cannot occupy the same market without fighting. [Vivian Tan]

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