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It's a holiday weekend of some sort, so things are a mite slow. But everyone's still on this story in some way or another, though the Chinese and Indian press are no longer filing daily reports. Here's a look at a few of the latest dispatches:

Over at the Daily Snooze, what was once front page news (and, need we add, grounds for a libel suit) is now Saturday column filler for, let's see, the tabloid's "copy chief" (right). We'll have some nice court papers for you to proof read soon, old salt.
In Other Words [NYDN]

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Whaddaya know: no famous folk are lining up to trash Page Six. But we like this comment from Leo DiCaprio's flack Ken Sunshine: "I've been dealing with Page Six since it started... They drive me crazy on a regular basis. And yet, people like me are employed on a regular basis largely because of this type of thing."
Others Like Watching Page Six Squirm [AP via Buffalo News]

And the good ship Gothamist is writing about us writing about what people are writing about us. "Bizarre media clusterfuck" indeed.
Gawking at Jared Paul Stern's Gawker [Gothamist]

There's a lot more to come, so just sit back — it's early yet — and revel in the fact that somewhere in the gilded gutters of Los Angeles a billionaire is shitting his Dockers". - JPS