Look Out for Pelican DroppingsYou know, the more we look into the Big B's black ops, the more we keep hearing one name over and over: Anthony Pellicano.

In case you've been hiding under a rock, the former tough guy P.I. (right) is languishing in jail after having done dirty work for just about every big shot in Hollywood.

The story's been splashed everywhere, but as Editor & Publisher pointed out recently, the mainstream media have ignored evidence of links between "The Pelican" and fun-loving couple Bill and Hillary Clinton. The (also-ignored) E&P piece notes that Pellicano is widely believed to have been on bimbo cleanup detail for the scandal-plagued couple.


Look Out for Pelican Droppings

Even cursory research reveals there's more to this story. With Pellicano's secret files now accessible to government officials none too keen on seeing Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office, the former first couple must be starting to feel the heat.


The Clintons must have had a middleman, though, sources tell us, and as usual, a rich pal to pay for it all. And we hear a certain former Secret Service agent in the employ of said pal (with a nasty habit of trying to blackmail journalists) knows all about it - and might be spilling his guts.

So, Mr. Secret Service, if we send you a Gawker Comments invite, will you tell us what really happened to Katherine Willey's cat? - JPS

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