Inside Clinton's Party Palace!Ron Burkle's mansion Green Acres, the "historic" (by L.A. standards) former Harold Lloyd estate in Beverly Hills, is best described as a sort of Democratic Bohemian Grove.

It has eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a pool, a private screening room, and lots of underground tunnels, plus enough staff and security to man a battleship. It's a cozy little place where Hillary comes for the soft money, and Bill stays for the hard action!

Here's a little photo-tour of our friend's super-secret hideaway, courtesy of the cabal of hard-working Yucaipa employees who hate their boss enough to send me this stuff:


Inside Clinton's Party Palace!

Let's get this party started...


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Inside Clinton's Party Palace!

Abandon all morals, ye who enter here...

Inside Clinton's Party Palace!

This is after the maid cleaned up the evidence...

Inside Clinton's Party Palace!

Kinda looks like a fancy funeral parlor.

Party at my house! August, you bring the beer. Anyone seen my little trapeze artist?... Frank, you watch the door. - JPS