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Let's just all just chill out now and see what the world's far-flung correspondents have to add at this point:

The London Guardian weighs in with just about the weirdest thing yet - a fake statement from Rupert Murdoch. Who spiked the office party punch?
Rupert Must Be Livid About This. Hello, Rupert?
[Guardian UK]

This guy claims he knew me at the Post a while back. Can't say I remember him. This is a Scottish paper apparently. Snappy yet senseless headline.
Bitch Pickings [Sunday Herald UK]

The L.A. Times tackles the all-important monocle question. For the record, I've only worn the damn thing twice.
Fashion Statement - or Sheer Spectacle? [L.A. Times]

In other news, my dog once took a crap. - JPS