As many of you know, Diane Sawyer lured reclusive, soft-spoken action star Tom Cruise into her Primetime studio this week, giving him the opportunity to finally open up about his relationship, religion, and his upcoming, dual blockbusters: the birth of his first biological child and Mission: Impossible III. We'd always pegged Cruise as something as a technophobe, so imagine our surprise when during a "break" to "change tapes," an assistant stepped in and handed Cruise a BlackBerry bearing a baby update from improbably pregnant war bride Katie Holmes: "love you, way to go, have a great interview!! No baby action yet." Amazingly, this completely unscripted demonstration of uxorial devotion was captured by another camera and made it into the broadcast, publicly reaffirming the strength of the couple's love, and, more importantly, secretly informing him that none of the hundreds of expectant bio-vessels assembled in the silent birthing stadium had yet produced an offspring bearing enough of a physical resemblance to Cruise to warrant an immediate press conference.