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· According to the Sunday Times of South Africa, the Governor of Namibia's Erongo region could hardly contain himself after a breakfast meeting with the famous couple: "They are having the baby here and they talked about giving the child a Namibian name." The article also claims the baby is due next month and that "Jolie has been overheard saying that the couple 'think it's a girl, but we're not 100% certain.'" The governor, who was warned what would happen if he was loose-lipped about the highly classified information, was last seen unsuccessfully fleeing the couple's tranquilizer-harpoon-equipped security detail.
· In his ongoing efforts not to alienate little Maddox in the days leading up to the arrival of his probably-but-not-100%-certain sister, Hello! magazine reports Brad will be getting a Buddhist "prayer for protection" tattooed on his lower back in honor of his adopted son. Always pulling the short straw in daddy-displays-of-devotion, Zahara has to settle for a short round of knee-mounted horsey, followed by some quiet busy-time with her Disney's Tarzan coloring books.
· Daniel Pearl's widow, Mariane Pearl, tells the NY Times that the movie based on her book about her slain husband is still very much alive on Pitt's development slate. She chose Pitt in a bidding war over five other studios because, "he was the only one who had read the book." It may not seem like such a huge gesture, but the closest any of his competition came to it was the one studio exec who assured her he "glanced at my assistant's coverage, and wow, you got yourself a movie there, lady."