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  • You can't nab a two-, three-, or four-letter web domain. You can't register your first name. And everything sexy is taken. But if your company's named H43Qmxy, you're golden. [Domain name stats]
  • Larry Ellison implied Oracle will start selling its own Linux version. Questionnaire: If you're excited about this news, what's your Slashdot user number? [Financial Times]
  • Steve Jobs demands some reworking of the titanium on his giant $9 million cube in New York. And with that sentence, Steve's life becomes officially weirder than Star Trek. [ifo Apple Store]
  • Thanks, L.A. Times, for taking a look at Valleywag. You're too kind. And to whoever cracked the "he's very young" joke by saying I look 16: we'll see who dies first. [L.A. Times]
  • Schwag watch: Getting a T-shirt from Mule coming in. So the next time they get praised here, it's because of the free XS tees, not their own merit. [Mule Design]