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· Die Hard director John McTiernan has pleaded guilty to lying to the feds in connection with the Anthony Pellicano Wiretapping Trial of the Century. There aren't too many details as of yet, but we're hoping that tomorrow might bring some insight about what Rollerball-related problem could've been worth all this trouble.
· Jonathan Antin might be our favorite TV personality at the moment, and this pre-Blowout (we think) clip from Ali G should help explain why. Not only is he all about hair and creating beauty, he's also about kicking some motherfucking cocksucker terrorist ass.
· Naming your son Brett seems to ensure that he's going to grow up to be...colorful? Is that the right word?
· The usually loose-lipped Fez won't spill which of Hollywood's "most awesome, fantastic A-listers are jumping on board" his ChiPs project, but that sounds like he's getting some serious Masterson and Kutcher interest to us.
· According to a highly scientific USA Today survey, Brad and Angelina's Chosen One is beating Tom and Katie's Miracle Baby in the competition for the public's affection.