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Colorado VC Brad Feld is an accomplished guy. On the board of Feedburner, NewsGator, Rally Software...ooh, he has two degrees from MIT (that's two more than most people). He's run six marathons and hopes to run every other state marathon in the next ten years. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say working all day on the "Treadputer" isn't gonna do it.

Says a friend of Valleywag, "In a movie or TV show, if there were a guy with two MIT degrees who loved to run, and read, and believed computers are his friend, and he built a Treadputer ... what would go wrong? Maybe it would be like that fly movie with that guy who always plays a buffed-out nerd. At first his wife thinks it's great — he's happy, he's buffed out, he's more, um, attentive ... but then ...."

The Treadputer [Feld Thoughts]