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Yay, a new way to read Valleywag! According to this press release a friend forwarded me (score one for internal communication), Mobileplay now offers Valleywag on a free subscription basis. It's "highly scalable" and "fast and easy" (except the bit where you register, opt out of alerts, and download an app).

But, um, I have no idea how good it is. It's not available for normal phones, or for my T-Mobile Sidekick. But those of you with Blackberries can try it out and report back — or petition for a real mobile version of Valleywag. Wait, actually —

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Full press release after the jump.

Gossip Goes Mobile
Mobileplay Delivers Valleywag to the Small Screen


SAN FRANCISCO, CA. - April 18, 2006 — — Mobile content delivery pioneer Mobileplay today announced the addition of Valleywag to its growing list of Gawker Media mobile sites. With Mobileplay, Gawker fans enjoy easy access to pure, unfiltered gossip from five of Gawker Media's wildly popular blogs: Defamer, Gawker, Gizmodo, Wonkette and now Valleywag, from their handheld device.

From L.A. to D.C., Gawker Media sites have become compulsory reading for millions of people who enjoy keeping tabs on the activities of the boldfaced names in their industry. From pill popping habits of Hollywood heavyweights, to the petty peccadilloes of media titans, Gawker Media sites keep their readers in the loop. Valleywag gives readers the inside scoop on technology industry notables. Mobileplay's mobile application enables fans to enjoy Gawker Media no matter where they are. Gawker Media mobile users can also forward tantalizing tidbits to friends via their handheld device. The mobile application for all five Gawker Media sites is available at

"Gawker Media is pleased to make Valleywag content available to mobile device users," said Gaby Darbyshire, director of Gawker Media. "Gawker Media fans, and Valleywag readers in particular, are heavy users of the latest mobile devices and services so bringing our content onto the small screen was a key strategic decision for Gawker Media."

"Since 2002, Gawker Media blogs have set the standard in the bloggesphere," said James Ryan, Mobileplay founder and CEO. "By extending its brand and content to the small screen, Gawker Media continues to pioneer the new media frontier. With the addition of Valleywag to Mobileplay's service, Valley denizens can now download Valleywag content directly to their beloveld moblie devices for fast, easy access to the 411 on technorati sex, greed and hypocrisy, whether they're in bumper to bumper traffic on 101, lunching in South Park or sitting in a parking lot on Sand Hill Road."

Mobileplay is the first service of its kind bringing advertising-supported news, weather, stock updates, sports scores, blogs, games, trivia, movie and travel information to some 80 million smart mobile phone and PDA users. The company's highly-scalable content delivery platform creates an opportunity for content developers to quickly and cost-effectively generate advertising revenue while delivering content to an audience of sophisticated, tech savvy consumers.

About Mobileplay

Mobileplay is a free, ad-supported content delivery platform for smart mobile devices. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Mobileplay's turnkey mobile solution enables content developers to generate revenue from their news, reference, game and infotainment content. The proprietary solution includes targeted delivery, tracking and reporting. Mobileplay content partners include: USA TODAY,,, AP Digital, BusinessWeek Online, CinemaSource, Fodors, Gawker Media,, Volvo, PC World, The Sporting News,, Wired as well as game and application developers including Crimson Fire.