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  • Apple buys land for more offices in Cupertino (having outgrown the ones pictured). I really really hope there's a giant cube involved. [Reuters]
  • President Bush comes to the Valley this weekend, just in time to see his hydrogen dream dropped for ethanol. [CNET]
  • Porn once again makes technological headway. But a new burnable porn CD service has DRM — get ready for a gangbang of posts from all four Boing Boing bloggers. [LAT]
  • If it's called User-Generated when you let your customers do the marketing, what's it called when you let your engineers do it? [Yahoo! Cool Thing of the Day]
  • That's right, VCs — the money you spent on someone's mash-up went down the big non-patentable drain. [CNET]
  • Google breaks down and partners with all the unsexy enterprise companies. [Google OneBox]
  • AOL's Jason Calacanis and Jupiter Media CEO Alan Meckler debate: Can bloggers make money? Sure, if you believe writers can make money. (In other words: No.) [WSJ]