Post-Misshapes, Luke and Leroy's For Sale

As anyone who's spent an evening carefully smearing their eyeliner will tell you, life after Misshapes is rough. When the Gang of Four stops and the lights come up, all you're left with is a profound emptiness (and nausea). And so it goes for the original home of Misshapes, Luke and Leroy's, a venue that's been empty-nesting ever since the Saturday night alt-hell dance party outgrew its home and moved to Don Hill's. Not yet qualified for historical protection, the bar is up for sale. A tragedy, we say — and it must be stopped!

It's time for drastic measures. A bake sale. A telethon. Whatever. Perhaps if we all work together, we can round up the $495K needed to purchase the venue and preserve this important landmark, this birthplace of Leotard Fantastic and Princess Coldstare.

Picken Real Estate