Bill Maher's Softer, Cokewhore-Loving Side Revealed

Ho to the hip-hop stars Karinne Steffans had no shortage of conquests to write about in her tell-all memoir, Confessions of a Super Vixen, but one in particular always stood out. Ironically, he was the unblingiest of all: Bill Maher. Feel free to reach for the sickness bag conveniently located behind your monitor as your mind fills in the naked-Maher-having-sex blanks:

"It took a lot to impress me," the best-selling author of "Confessions of a Super Vixen" tells us. "Bill was my perfect match. [Love-making] was explosive and amazing. I've never been with someone who couldn't keep his hands off me." [...]

Tomorrow, Vivid Entertainment plans to release a DVD titled "Superhead," Steffans' nickname in the hip hop world. Her lawyers plan to file a motion in L.A. Federal Court to stop the release.

Steffans admits she signed a release form when she went before the cameras with the porn player known as Mr. Marcus. But she emphasizes, "That was six years ago, when I was a coke whore. I was a single mom. I needed money. Vivid makes it look like it's a new tape."

How typical of the shady workings of the porn world to take the legal precautions of having their models sign a release form, then to actively market the footage despite knowing full well their star only did it because she was an insatiable coke whore. We knew the adult entertainment industry was exploitative, we just had no idea to what extent.