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Apparently there is a new boom (not a bubble! not a bubble!) in the Valley. I WAS NOT PREVIOUSLY AWARE. Fortune hands down its mighty investment wisdom for the Web 2.0 boom:

  • Gee, Google's stock sure does fluctuate!
  • "If the company can improve in search [...] the potential upside is dramatic." That's right! If Yahoo does its business better, it could earn more money! Are you taking notes?
  • If Facebook went public, it might be a tad overpriced.
  • Some companies make money without looking trendy.
  • Akamai, which jumped to $345 in the 2000 and sank to 56 cents, is back up, trading at a 44 price/earnings ratio — wait, no, the bubble IS back.
  • Comcast sucks. Buy it.
  • Rupert Murdoch is a clever dude.
  • Okay, go buy mutual funds. Pussy.
  • So the trick here, the secret investor tip, is "Buy low, sell high." Seriously, why aren't we charging for this advice?

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