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A Defamer operative slipped us this brief report about the birthday party Paris Hilton threw the other night for Greek shipping moneybags Stavros Niarchos at her swingin' heiress pad, during which some drunken shenanigans tested the structural integrity of one of the house's celebuskank amenities:

My new lady friend took me with her to Paris Hilton's house on Monday night for Stavros's glorious 21st birthday party. Well the liquor was flowing freely, I overheard Nicky say (about Courtney Love), "She's here... don't let her in, she's wasted." Of course, she was let in. Andy Milonakis was there, but HERE is the icing on the cake.

Sometime after 1am Paris and Stavros were dancing together on Paris's stripper pole when THE FUCKING POLE RIPPED OUT OF THE CEILING AND THEY FELL ON THE FLOOR. What I would have done to have caught it on my camera phone, someone must have caught it.

By the way, every room in the house has some HUGE painting of Paris, (or multiple paintings), in it? Bizarre.

It would be easy to dismiss the pole-collapse as just another example of typical Hilton coked-up-to-the-tiara antics, but this time we're going to give her the benefit of the doubt. Let's instead credit hostess Paris with having the foresight to intentionally take the apparatus out of commission, sparing her guests the otherwise inevitable sight of Courtney Love suspended upside down from the pole, a buzz-killing harbinger of what any of their lives might look like in twenty years.