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• The state of New York is the nation's leader in migration outflow, losing an average of 182,886 people per year; metropolitan New York area is also up there, averaging 211,014 people yearly. You know what? Good! Get the hell out of here! But it's not like a mass fucking exodus will burst the housing bubble. Only seven or eight apocalyptic horsemen can do that. [NY Sun]
• The California Supreme Court threw out a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former writer's assistant on Friends, ruling that "trash talk is part of the creative process." Remember that when you want to tell your boss to fuck himself — now you can, the law says so. [CNN]
• TomKat becomes TomRat, which is uncomfortably realistic. [Gallery of the Absurd]
• The Post makes an earnest attempt at some Page Six humor — but not really of the self-deprecating sort, which means it's not really funny. [NYP]
• It's always fun to screw with spammers. It's even more fun when there are deaf kids involved. [Corporate Casual]
• The Times doesn't really know much about this Pinch guy, but they sure are hungry for a Sulzburger. Har, har — thanks, we'll be here all week! [CJR]
• The Observer's Bridal Blog confirms what every stressed-out, bride-to-be already knows: Grooms are nuptially retarded. And they're all yours for a lifetime. [Bridal Blog]