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It's a busy day in People with Two Monitors News.

  • AOL kingpin Jason Calacanis really loves his new monitors. And I'm not just saying this because he IMed me to brag about them (seriously). [Jason Calacanis]
  • New York Times writer Ivan Berger also loves his new monitors — and you know what that means. Yep! TREND STORY. (A story that convinced Calacanis everyone will be double-screening next year.) [NYT]
  • And a scoop from a reader: Microsoft admits that the fancy glass monitors (pictured) shown to the Chinese president aren't real — after all, wouldn't Bill Gates trade up from his big flatscreens? The slick frameless panels are just pieces of Plexiglass with screens projected from behind the desk. Microsoft's calling them prototypes for the Home of the Future, but it's really just that Ballmer can't be trusted near large, loose pieces of glass.