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Fact check? Oh hell, who fact checks a story this juicy? Trust this rumor from a reader as much as you'd trust a hooker with a promise ring.

I just heard from a Dutch source that Adam Curry is being sued by the Dutch government for tax evasion. He hasn't been in the country to answer the charges and seems to be avoiding going home. Don't know if this is true, but one could check a Dutch news service to corroborate.

And the Dutch news services haven't said a thing about any tax troubles for the ex-MTV VJ and current podcaster. Treat this as a "wouldn't it be funny" for now.

Especially since would-be podfather Dave Winer is reportedly on the "Defame Adam Curry" warpath — an unconfirmed tip says Winer recently ranted about "taking down" Adam Curry at a party. (Caveat to this caveat: Public ranting seems unlikely even for the excitable Winer.)