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The Daily traipses about Plum Sykes' fantabulous book party — all pink! Candles! Plum-tinis! But there's a dark side, we learn: Plum's preggers. [The Daily]
• Detroit catches on to the payola hotness: Former Secretary of LaborRobert Reich claims that a GM PR firm offered him cash to speak well of an employee buyout. [Jalopnik]
• Sucks to be Julia Roberts. For once, anyhow. [The Feed]
• The rumored "lost chapter" to Neil Strauss' pickup bible, The Game. No doubt Nick Sylvester is devouring it right now. [Neil Strauss]
• Name the socialite! [Opinionistas]
Seventeen editor Atoosa Rubenstein's MySpace is like an orchid in a sea of carnations. [MySpace]
• Big props to Ronn [sic] Torossian — not only has he managed to get himself involved with the 2nd stripper involved in the Duke lacrosse rape case, but he's got her email on display for everyone. She must be thrilled to have someone so brilliant on her team. [Ronn Torossian]
• Blackface Jesus and testicles. That's all you need to know. [I Keep a Diary (NSFW?)]
• And last but by no means ever the least, Tara Reid lets her nipples come out to play. [Egotastic]