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Time to put your blind item guessing game answers out of their misery. But first, go for another moonlit stroll with One Randy 'n' Rockin' Blind Vice:

Ted sez: "Oh, who cares! We have better thumpin' things to talk about today. Like, say, crooner Dinky Rider and his pretty damn serious girlfriend, Clenched Class. Here's what's funny: C.C. is so sumptuous (though some would call the babe prissy) that it's hard to picture her in something as common and practical as...a bus. Yet D.R. is quite the opposite when it comes to moving vehicles (his private parts most definitely included). There was a concert. Girlies galore were stampeding Mr. R., who was doing his best to shun the horny honeys, as things are superserious between C. 'n' D. Keep that lovely sentiment in mind while we zoom in on a bus parked backstage for Dinky's private use." Read the item.

You say: Your guesses are after the jump:

You say: In a overwhelming victory that made us feel rather unintelligent for not having a clue as to whom Casablanca might have been talking about, you clicked your tongues, pointed your fingers, and performed other acts of accusatory pantomime in the direction of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. We suppose we should've picked up on Ted's harping on the differences in body types between Clenched Class and the voluptuous groupie in question, as Kidman wouldn't be considered curvy at a parallel line convention. Why the movie star might attend such an imaginary gathering is a question better answered on a day when we aren't already drunk before 3pm.

You say: Others receiving your love notes: Hilary Duff and Joel Madden, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (um, aren't they married?), and Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz.

And The Andy Dick/Dakota Fanning Memorial "You Also Say" Item Goes To: Kenney Chesney and Payton Manning, and Donny and Marie Osmond (tie).

Thanks to everyone for playing!