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We've always argued — long before we started this gig, even — that the first rule of being a smartass is that you have to be right. (The only thing more insufferable than someone smug about being correct is someone who's both smug and incorrect.) An obvious corollary to this idea, we'd imagine, is that if you're going to be a pretentious name dropper, you've got to at least drop the right names. Which is why we were so pleased to see in New York's glossary of names dropped in Plum Sykes' new roman-a-pretention, The Debutante Divcoree, this mention near the bottom:

Page 200: "There was more brain candy at Sanford's funeral (Charlie Rose/Bloomberg/Oprah) than at one of Rupert Murdoch's Sun Valley summits."

Oh, darling. But they're Herb Allen's Sun Valley summits, not Rupert's. How gauche not to know that.

(Brief flicker of worry: Anyone have a copy of the actual book? This is Sykes' mistake, not New York's, right?)

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